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Sparky's Warms the Palate


Pleasant All Night Dining


With Rockabilly signs and soft lighting, Sparky's Diner, just a short walk from the Church Street station, is a nice place to wile any hour of the day away.

The food warms the palate and you can get beers for a dollar between 5pm and 10pm.

Needing a place to read and interested in downing a few brews, I made my way to Sparky's on Wednesday night around 8pm.

"Can I read a while before I eat?" I asked the waitress.

"No problem. Find a seat over there," she said.

I proceeded to drink two Sir Francis Drakes while I read some old pulp science fiction. One couldn't help notice the Westerns signs and enjoy the soothing alternative pop rhythms. One always feels comfortable with the Western motif. Maybe you will need to dodge some bullets if there is a gun fight, but nobody is likely to call you stupid. Your likely not to have to worry about a gun fight in this town as well.

While the music played I was imagining I was on another planet with John Carter Warlord of Mars. He was a swordfighter and he ran into his old pal Tar Takas. Things are different on Mars. You don't need a gun there, but you did need to know how to sword fight. At Sparky's you don't need a gun either, just a fork and knife which they will provide.

Looking over the menu I had a difficult decision before me. Should I go for an omelette which they serve at all hours? How about a dinner? Should I have a salad?

Most of the food was reasonably priced. Somewhere between $4 and $10 dollars. There were side dishes. Shakes and sodas. There was a full selection and thankfully not a lot of fish.

People don't care enough about our fish bretheren. Unlike domesticated animals their numbers will not decrease if people stop eating them. The existence of the cow, chicken, goat and pig in such number depends upon the fact that so many people eat them. Their life is probably crummy, but they are perpetuated.

You can't say the same thing about the fish. They will exist in the same numbers even if we don't eat them.

It is hard to eat no fish at all, but why not limit how much fish we eat? Why eat wild creatures?

So what was I going to eat tonite?

I sometimes wish I was a vegetarian. There are a lot of beautiful women out there who are vegetarians. They do have a point, but I depend on that chicken. There are things in that beef. My body is used to that level of protein. It's not because of where I am on the food chain. That's a bunch of baloney. But I am accustomed to eating the meat at this point. It is illegal to make all the required parties agree.

Maybe I need to find a nice lady who is willing to cook me a lot of vegetarian meals each week. She is also cooking for herself. So what's the problem with that. If she was the right woman maybe I would be willing to cook a lot of vegetarian food to please her.

Maybe I could try to find her by becoming a vegen food critic?

I don't want to say what I ate. But it was tasty and non dietetic. In retrospect I wish I ate the Fiery Chicken sandwich or maybe the veggie burger. The fries were plain. but above standard.

The service was fine. Big genuine smiles. The food was done fast. The soothing music played and I was happy I didn't have to eat my own cooking this evening.

-Ryder Miller

Knight Pointing Left

Sparky's is located at 242 Church St, just off Market St.